SmithCo side dump trailers have been working in the waste hauling industry for many years. From agriculture to construction to demolition, SmithCo side dumps move more waste than all of our competitors combined.

Our side dumps can haul anything from trash, manure, distillers, and riprap, to demolition materials, fly ash, waste cake, scrap metal, and more.

Meeting the Challenges of Waste Hauling

The challenges of the waste hauling industry centre around the ability to transport the waste material in a way that is both safe and secure. SmithCo side dump trailers are the smartest choice in waste hauling for the following reasons:

1. No leaks. Material leaking out of a dump trailer is a significant concern for the waste industry. End dump trailers often cannot be completely sealed, resulting in spillage. SmithCo side dump trailers are watertight. Our tubs won’t leak wet and semi-wet materials, and we can fit them with sealable tarps to stop material from leaving the top of the tub during transport.

2. Stability. Over the years, end dumps have been used widely in the waste hauling industry, but they have stability issues and tip over more easily than a side dump. Tip-over is not only bad for the trailer and haul material but is also dangerous for any people or other equipment surrounding the dumpsite. Side dump trailers are much more stable than end dump trailers. For more information, click here to read our learning centre article on dump trailer stability.

3. Versatility. Waste materials can vary in weight, density, liquidity, and other measures. A side dump trailer can haul and dump almost any material, while other dump trailers are limited. If you can fit it in the tub, a side dump can haul it.

Agricultural Waste Hauling

In the agricultural industry, SmithCo provides several solutions for waste. Livestock manure and distillers from the ethanol industry are common types of waste we see. We’ve also designed trailers to haul food production waste, such as apple waste generated by fruit processing.

SmithCo looks at each customer’s needs and designs a trailer that is right for them. Customers can choose from our workhorse SX series tubs to medium high volume, feedlot series and super high volume tubs when more capacity is required. Our tubs are sealed so they won’t leak, and they also clean out better than any other side dump in the industry. Wherever agriculture waste is hauled, you can find a SmithCo side dump trailer doing the job.

Construction Waste Hauling

In the construction world, SmithCo’s name and reputation are second to none. Whether you’re hauling riprap from road construction projects or waste from demolition projects, SmithCo’s versatility plays a crucial role in the construction and demolition industries. Our SX series tubs are the toughest in the side dump industry, perfect for the rugged needs of construction.

Municipal Waste Hauling

SmithCo supplies many side dump trailers for municipalities. Moving waste to landfills and recycling centres is a big part of our business.

Our side dumps also haul waste cake from municipal wastewater treatment plants and fly ash from coal power plants. This work typically involves our medium and super high volume trailers because of their higher volume capacities.

Building SmithCo Solutions

SmithCo side dump trailers can be customized to meet any need. Recently, we worked with a concrete company that was hauling waste from the production process. They were having a problem with the product leaking out of the tailgate of the end dump trailers they were using, which is illegal in some states. We designed them a custom solution by building a super high volume side dump trailer with two centre dividers in the tub. This customization helped minimize load movement during transport. We combined this design with a sealed vinyl tarp system that kept the load from splashing out of the tub. Their leaking problem was gone.

SmithCo side dump trailers have been providing waste hauling solutions for decades. With superior stability, faster cycle times, and easier unloading, side dumps trailers are an ideal choice for hauling nearly any waste material, or any material for that matter.