Strata Worldwide is pleased to announce that the Strata HazardAvert® TPL2 (Tracking Pad Lamp) has been awarded ANZEx Intrinsically Safe approval for use in underground coal mines in Australia and New Zealand.

The Strata TPL2 is a multifunctional personal alarm device (PAD) worn on a miner’s person. It works in conjunction with HazardAvert® proximity detection system generators to detect personnel presence and position dangers while working around mobile machinery. By detecting electromagnetic fields created by the generators, the TPL2 emits warning alarms intended to increase the worker’s safety awareness and prevent accidents. If applicable, the system also determines if the machine needs to slow its speed or stop completely to avoid a collision.

The TPL2 offers an optional corded LED cap lamp to minimize belt-worn apparatus. Along with the cap lamp, it includes a red LED that attaches to the miner hard hat to visibly illuminate when proximity detection fields are breached.

A newly incorporated feature of the unit is its function as a location tracker when used in a mine fitted with StrataConnect™ Wireless networks. The worker’s location and direction of travel are displayed – in real-time – on a graphical user interface at the central control office. Underground location tracking has become a vital safety feature in today’s mining.

HazardAvert® global product manager Paul Mullins commented: “The approval of the TPL2 is an important step in our journey to provide a superior safety system for all underground mining in Australia and New Zealand. Strata will soon be launching a second-generation intrinsically safe version of HazardAvert and this TPL2 approval puts us one step ahead.”