Another SCMG2 Multi-Gravity Separator (MGS) was supplied and successfully commissioned in Turkey earlier this year.

The earlier MGS has been operating for over 11 years producing a saleable grade of chromite from tailings, with only minimal spares and maintenance required. Both machines are situated side-by-side and treat tailings stockpiled from upstream processing. The process also includes our SC2018, 18-way 2in Hydrocyclone Canister for desliming and thickening. The MGS can be adjusted to optimise the grade of concentrate against recovery and in this instance the set-up of the machine achieves a saleable grade of around 42% chromite.

Testing around the world

Our Test Rigs are still much in demand. A special with SS316 wetted parts was despatched to the Middle East to treat brine.

The client previously purchased a 2in Hydrocyclone with a range of vortex finders and spigots. A second Test rig with 10mm, 1in and 2in Hydrocyclones was supplied to a UK company and another to NSW Australia, again with a full set of hydrocyclones.

Another client wanted to remove barium sulphate, from anodic slimes, used in the final stage of their casting process. The aim was to reduce the quantity of slimes before the drying process in order to improve the saleable by-product. The client hired an SCTR1 test rig suitable for operating at the higher temperatures required. We also made a site visit to work alongside their engineers to optimise their separation process.

A company based in India purchased a laboratory size SCMG1 Multi-Gravity Separator for general testwork. Two of their engineers spent two days at our lab for training.