Scania, a world leader in transportation solutions, is launching the Scania Heavy Tipper for the global market, a truck designed to meet the toughest demands of the mining industry.

With more robust components, the new performance step has 25% more payload capacity compared to current range. Other benefits include up to 5% increase in operational uptime and 5,000 more service life hours – reducing the cost of operation over the product’s life cycle and increasing residual value.

“Our starting point is to increase the operating economy and bring all the experience gained from our lean production system to mining, combining the offering of vehicles and optimized transport solutions with the needs of each customer,” explains Björn Winblad, global director of Scania Mining.

Developed within the Scania modular system, the 6×4 and 8×4 configurations have undergone major technical improvements and reinforced with more robust components, such as the front and rear axles, as well as a new gearbox and suspensions. “This launch honours Scania Mining’s strategy to bring together tailor-made products, on-site services and connectivity. We can thus integrate further into our customers’ operations,” he says.

“We offer the market a complete solution that generates value through lower cost per transported tonne and significant productivity gains,” explains Mr. Winblad. “This launch unquestionably sets a new standard of efficiency for the mining industry,” he adds.

Key Difference – By applying its lean production model expertise to the mining industry, Scania creates a unique offering for customers. “Our goal is to share the knowledge we’ve implemented over the years on our production line, and help our customers reduce waste and improve their logistical flows, consequently increasing the productivity of their operation,” explains Mr. Winblad. This is possible through Scania Site Optimisation, a set of tools and methods that identify potential improvement areas. By analysing data from different sources within the operation, such as connected vehicles, maintenance operation, and other processes, Scania Site Optimisation helps identifying and remedying efficiency gaps within the key areas of Time, Load, Road, Safety, and Sustainability.

“As the connected trucks enable new data-driven, value-added services, we shift from being a product manufacturer to becoming a transport solutions provider. We aim to collaborate with the customer to set operational goals and help implement waste-eliminating changes through continuous improvements,” he points out.

This in combination with the Scania Heavy Tipper, and Scania’s extensive range of on-site services, is a significant step forward to help our customers increase revenue, manage risks, and reduce cost.