COVID-19 has accelerated the need for digital transformation across industries, bringing technology to the forefront of organizational needs. It’s evident that even prior to the pandemic, new and emerging technologies were on everyone’s minds. The global pandemic has made innovations critical and sharpened the focus on these new technologies to resolve challenges, including its impacts on mining operations both large and small.

But what does a pandemic mean for the future of mining? How can technology positively impact small and midsize mining operations?

With SAP Business ByDesign, small and midsize mining operations can leverage the proven, established enterprise-ready Cloud ERP software for resiliency and adaptability. Since Business ByDesign is managed, monitored, and run by SAP experts in cloud-hosted data centres, scaling your operations is easier to accomplish and will reduce complexities and the fear of added costs and security. With scalability at its core, Business ByDesign is a dynamic and Best Practise based solution that will help business’ leaders and its employees gain a seamless, all-inclusive view of your mining operations.

A Logical Choice

SAP Business ByDesign is an easily configurable application designed to help fast-growing businesses meet their ever-changing demands—helping them save time and reduce operational costs, while delivering the power needed to scale as their business grows. Plus, Business ByDesign is trusted globally: nearly 200 million users in 180 countries; over 425,000 customers; and, two thirds of those customers have less than $500 million in revenue, 75% of which have revenue of $1 billion dollars or less.

  • Gain an integrated view of financial information and real-time visibility into your cash position.
  • Easily maintain employee timesheets and personal information.
  • Quickly adapt to changes when legacy software falls behind.
  • Use a single system to manage to access all operational activities.
  • Better manager your operations with a proven, dependable ERP software.

Cash in on Better Financial and Accounting Management

Gaining a real-time view of your business means so many things. One of the most important, and perhaps most obvious, is visibility into the financial health and cash position of the business. Processes need to be as effortless and as pain-free as possible—you need to easily manage cash, assets, and all accounting processes, and with a single ERP, you’ll be able to do so with “one source of the truth.” This single source of the truth will provide you with the ability to assess the financial health of your mining operation at a site level, provide you with the ability to automate foreign currency exchange, and streamline your procurement process with three-way matching into accounting, and ultimately improve your time to close.

Better Manage Your Procurement Process

Does saving time and costs sound enticing? Want to empower your employees? Begin by eliminating tedious, manual paper-based purchase orders and automating processes. Business ByDesign provides complete transparency into your operations—like easily locating purchase orders and managing multiple supplier contracts—and helps you achieve greater accountability by centralizing information and making it easily accessible. You’ll minimize the risk of errors and ultimately accelerate purchase order processing.

Provide Transparent and Efficient Supply Chain Management

Streamline your supply chain, eliminate hurdles, improve supply planning, and gain better control of your inventory. This is the power of a proven enterprise-ready software like Business ByDesign at work, and working at its best. This single software will also enable you to better achieve supplier collaboration, accelerate time-to-market, and save time and money.

With Business ByDesign, mines can run their entire operation on a data-driven, Cloud-based management suite to: streamline end-to-end processes, boost efficiencies, gain greater insights into the business, and cultivate the data needed to run efficiently. With Illumiti’s IP and templates designed specifically for mines, the cost to a junior mine is much lower than one might expect—it matters more about getting the system up and running quickly, so the benefits can be experienced immediately.

Whether your mining operations are small or midsized, explore the Cloud and bring agility to your workplace, so you can focus on growth. Business ByDesign provides flexibility at any time and from anywhere, further enabling your business to function and perform optimally—its affordable software with the power to run a midsize business effectively.