Continuing its focus on IoT solutions for the mining industry, Sandvik has signed an agreement with Nokia to further develop Sandvik solutions for private LTE (Long Term Evolution) and 5G technology. The Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (NDAC) platform offers pervasive connectivity enabling advanced applications, and will initially be implemented and tested in the Sandvik test mine in Tampere, Finland.

Sandvik’s decades-long work in automation has grown to include robust data analytics and process optimization offerings, where connectivity and local computing power are crucial. Applications requiring high capacity and low latency are becoming increasingly important.

Private LTE networks bring reliable and secure high-capacity, low-latency and wide-coverage mobile broadband to serve mission and business critical industrial connectivity needs and offer a variety of terminals, sensors and other devices. The Nokia digital automation platform will operate both underground and in open pit mines, and offers a flexible connectivity platform for testing and developing Sandvik technology. This network enables the operation of autonomous vehicles, real-time monitoring of underground and outdoor premises to keep people and equipment safe, remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance, as well as asset management, control and authentication.

“Our cooperation with Nokia is another important part of our strategy to develop open, interoperable solutions for future mining needs. Enhanced connectivity is critical for smarter and safer underground operations, and we’re proud to work with Nokia to develop these enhanced connectivity options for our test mine and mining industry going forward,” said Riku Pulli, Vice-President, Automation, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology.

Nokia Digital Automation general manager Stephan Litjens said: ”Pairing Sandvik solutions with 5G-ready Nokia DAC architecture has proven to be an excellent match. We are truly motivated to continue collaborating to develop technology that meets the requirements of the often harsh conditions they operate in – be it moist, hot, cold, and/or dusty.”

“Sandvik is a leader in mine automation and digitalization, and Nokia offers leading technology in wireless connectivity. Together, we create innovative solutions for mining customers,” said Pulli.