Afri-Tech Mining Supplies is an innovative South African company that supplies screen and filter cloths to the South African mining and related industries. Already famous for their engineering division’s revolutionary invention of the ‘Afri-Tech power nozzle,’ they have once again impressed by making a significant improvement to one of their tried and tested products, the Leiden Tracking Sensor.

The sensor is a revolutionary product in the tracking of filter cloths, belt press belts and linear screen cloths. The traditional tracking valve has been unchanged for years, so as the old saying goes, “Why fix it if it ain’t broke? Well, Afri-Tech Mining supplies, with their innovative approach to finding better solutions to improve their supplier’s workload and bottom line, believe that progress is essential – no one has ever moved forward by remaining stagnant.

The simple, but effective improvement to the product, is to the tracking paddle. The tracking paddle of the sensor is the vital part that steers the tracking system. The Leiden Sensor rod now has a specially engineered stainless steel outer sleeve that rotates, thereby reducing wear on the sensor rod and dramatically increasing its lifespan!

Pneumatically operated, utilising compressed air, the Leiden Tracking Sensor operates at pressures of between 2.5Bars to 4Bars. It is important to remember that this air must be filtered using an air filter regulator. The Leiden Tracking Sensor body is made from stainless steel, so the unit has excellent resistance to corrosion. A standard connection of 8mm PU push-in pipe connectors is supplied.

In summary

The reliable tracking of screen and filter cloths on Linear Screens, Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filters and Effluent Presses is of vital importance and once again Afri-Tech Mining Supplies have come to the fore, not only as the premier suppliers of the right product for the job, but have created the ‘rotating’ paddle that makes the Leiden Tracking Sensor an even more impressive product.

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