Rescology develops exploration environmental management plans which include identifying strategies to enhance project development and readying projects for feasibility.

Our experience covers the exploration of gold, copper, mineral sands, base metals, salt, graphite, diamonds and iron ore, and ranges from densely populated regions of Africa to remote and environmentally sensitive areas in Western Australia.

We can work with you to derive strategy, develop schedules and plans, assist with training, inductions, skills sharing and, where required, source capability to enable progress. Our experience in developing strategy includes complex land access management plans for projects with multiple competing constraints, such as cropping cycles, climate, phytophthora dieback, consent from landowners, weed hygiene, threatened and rare flora flowering periods, animal breeding periods and underlying tenure.

The exploration services we offer include:

• Desktop environmental impact assessments
• Co-ordination, scoping and management of ecological surveys
• Exploration environmental management plans
• Exploration rehabilitation strategy
• In-house training and inductions
• Strategies to limit environmental risk by artisanal small scale and legal mining
• Land access strategy
• Stakeholder engagement
• Performance evaluation and reporting

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