All Ultra-Dynamics Pty Ltd online technologies can be supplied with a 4G remote access option.  This function allows users to access the system data remotely through internet connected computers.  The remote access feature communicates via the 4G phone network and does not access the site network, thus preserving network security.

The system offers many advantages to the user including:

  • The system allows Ultra-Dynamics Pty Ltd secured access to the touch screen configuration options. This allows remote assistance to assist with calibration and fault finding, without the need to travel to site hence removing travel costs, reducing overall cost of ownership unit downtime as well as removing the need for supervision for site visits.
  • The 4G system can also allow Head Office access to weekly, monthly or a user-selectable date range.
  • If supplied, the 4G option is provided with 12 months of free data analysis and support. Data access is supplied via a data-only SIM card, available at local telecommunications stores.

A typical dashboard is shown below:

The top left contains the “System OK” box, this changes to Red in the event of a fault. The dials show important unit information such as % Moisture, in both analogue dial and digital formats.  Below these dials are several graphs that show the last 30 minutes of moisture data (user configurable).

The dashboard allows the user to download historical data over weeks, months or a defined date range.

The tabular and graphical tracking plots of the measurements can be output into graphs for easy reference.

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