Building out reliable communication networks underground has historically been one of mining’s biggest challenges, and our team wanted to share a bit about our project at an underground copper mine in the Middle East. This particular mine has been challenged with poor communications underground since inception, and after we did a complete audit of their systems, we set out to improve both the coverage and quality of transmission, especially in some of the more remote locations of the mine.

Step one was to optimise existing infrastructure rather than invest in a totally new network at this stage, so our team performed an audit of their VHF leaky feeder network that featured multiple OEM/OTM technologies. This called for a rebalancing of their VHF radio network and resulted in improved quality and coverage of the network, including the optimisation of channel usage and elevated operator experience.

Step two was a complete audit of their mine-wide fibreoptic network, providing recommendations for remediation work, to improve redundancy and plan for future expansion.

“Undertaking an exhaustive audit of the mine’s fibre network provided the management team with a clear understanding of the state of this critical infrastructure and the opportunities to expand it,” said Rupert Birch, Ramjack VP EMENA region. “By identifying and prioritising key areas for remediation work, Ramjack provided a clear path to address these risks whilst engaging with stakeholders to plan for future expansion.

Ramjack’s team of dedicated engineers bring their mining experience from around the world to ensure we are able to assist our clients in optimising the backbone of their communications in challenging conditions. We don’t just know communications, we know mining communications.