At the Stena Nordic Recycling Center (SNRC) in Halmstad, Sweden, REDWAVE XRF/C technology has been in use since the beginning of the SNRC.

“The REDWAVE XRF/C sorter is great to secure the quality of our products. We are most likely to continue to invest in more of the very latest technology. For us, the first machine is just a beginning,” SNRC manager Mr Sverker Rosdahl said at the beginning of 2018.

This was not just words and the trust of Stena in REDWAVE sorting technology and the good relationship has advanced to the next level. Stena Recycling AB just invested in two large REDWAVE XRF/C-sorting machines. The two machines will be used in line to sort various kinds of non-ferrous metals from each other, with the set-up of two machines in series reducing material handling to a minimum. The main purpose of the new sorting line will be to sort ZURIK and what is commonly known as eddy current drops.

Additionally, the machines will be used to further sort the heavy metal streams (eddy current pass) into purified copper, brass, zinc, etc., depending on market condition, pricing and available machine time. Stena Recycling offers recycling services in five geographic markets with around 200 facilities. Its SNRC is one of the largest and most modern of its kind in Europe with more than 200 employees. At the recycling centre, industrial waste, more than cars and electronics are processed and refined producing around 30 grades of material.

REDWAVE looks forward to continuing its good relationship with Stena Recycling AB.