QTEC Fire Services expansion and growth is progressing well with new dealers added in Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and South America, in the last 18 months. These new dealers are fast becoming major players in their local countries and at the same time helping Qtec Fire Services to expand and become a major identity in the fire industry for mobile plants and equipment worldwide.

Qtec Fire Services prides itself as quality high performance product and our success in the Australia market including the mining industry is a testament to that.

With a large range of low-pressure foam spray systems manufactured in our Brisbane facility Qtec Fire Services offers systems from 10/12 Litre up to 80/106 Litre with Multiple tank numbers and sizes. All VDAS foam spray systems can be pneumatically operated or electrically operated, or even a combination of both types of activation.

With this range of systems, our dealers operate worldwide in industries from Mining, Forestry, Transport, Container Handling, Railway, and Defense.

One recent dealer has just completed over 180 installations into their countries entire rail network, with ongoing servicing, and another 100 plus new installations over the next two years. Its this kind of excellence in support, installation, design, and operational performance that has helped our dealers to achieve these goals.

Qtec Fire Services wishes all our dealers worldwide great success and thank them for their ongoing support of our Australian Made product.