The biggest stars of INFUSION19 were the machines! Guests who came to Tulsa for three days of peace, love and fusion had the opportunity to touch, see and interact with an even greater variety of polyethylene and polypropylene products at the Product Showcase this year.

Attendees couldn’t resist standing inside the jaws of the Talon™ 2000 for a souvenir photo.

Here are some of the highlights from the show:


The DataLogger has evolved considerably since its debut in 1996. Taking into account the evolving environment of accountability within our infrastructure markets, we have made a significant investment in the DataLogger 6 platform.

It incorporates a state-of-the art rugged Android-powered tablet and user-friendly touchscreen with onscreen instructions for each step of the fusion process. The Vault complements the DataLogger with a secure platform to collect, store, analyze and share comprehensive fusion jobsite information. It allows a deeper review of fusion joints anywhere you have access to the internet. Sign up today for a free Vault account.


The In-Ditch 1600 brings butt fusion capability to jobs fusing large-diameter pipe, fitting and flanges in very tight work spaces. It was designed as an ideal machine for tie-in fusions and a cost-effective alternative to electrofusion, which requires the purchase of additional fittings.

The In-Ditch 1600 features a compact, two-jaw carriage with a top-loading heater and facer for greater flexibility in confining areas. The carriage has the same 30,000 pounds of clamping force per jaw as the MegaMc® 1600 for improved gripping and re-rounding of pipe. With a 3,000psi maximum pressure range, the In-Ditch 1600 can fuse onto 15in of exposed pipe, providing maximum versatility in close quarters with minimal excavation required.

Ease of mobility is built into the machine with multiple lifting points, a carriage spreader bar and skidded carriage, all designed to fit within a small envelope. Roll bars protect the carriage and hydraulic components as the machine is eased into the ditch. Coming soon!

EP1500 HPU

Rebuilt for the heat and renamed for better clarity, McElroy unveiled a new work horse — the EP1500 HPU for users of the DynaMc® and Acrobat™. The EP1500 HPU stands up to high temperatures and the demands of fusing pipe in the heat all day long. Its simplified construction is based on the proven Rolling 28 fusion machine design. Coming soon!


Introducing the new and improved design of the handheld heater! The new handles are being deployed across all heaters except for 500 machines and larger. They employ proven automotive technology for increased reliability and diagnostics.


The Polypropylene Hot Tap Tool allows for the installation of branches to a live main line by completely sealing the system, drilling through the saddle fitting and retaining the coupon — eliminating any disruption of service or shutdowns.

The Productivity Package includes the Hornet™ outlet fusion tool, Polypropylene Hot Tap Tool and load cell pressure adapter. Heater and heater adapters are sold separately.


The QuikFit™ carriage on the Acrobat 355mm to 630mm (14in to 24in) machines brings an innovative solution to the challenges of fusing large-diameter polypropylene pipe in close-quarter working environments. With a modular, lightweight jaw design, operators can fuse pipe in places that were nearly impossible with heavy, bulkier fusion equipment. By simplifying this process, the Acrobat with QuikFit carriage opens a new door for the plumbing, mechanical and HVAC industry.


The Polygon is a three-in-one machine used to fabricate miter and butt fusion joints from 0° to 45° angles with additional socket fusion capability for polypropylene pipe. It is McElroy’s first manual butt fusion machine that is compatible with the DataLogger. The Polygon easily adapts to socket fusion by swapping out the jaws with an optional Spider™ 125 Series 2 Adapter Kit.


The Hornet XL is McElroy’s largest all-in-one tool for polypropylene outlet fusion. It brings the same innovative alternative to manual outlet fusion methods in larger outlet sizes up to 160mm and offers a cost-effective option over prefabrication. The Hornet XL’s patent-pending design allows it to self-align on the center of the pipe while a guided carriage facilitates the drilling of the outlet hole and fusion of the fitting.

TALON™ 2000

The Talon 2000 brings a revolutionary new way to fuse large-diameter, thermoplastic pipe. This self-propelled vehicle has the unique ability to safely lift pipe from the ground, position it to be fused and move from joint to joint down the pipeline