Wichita Clutch provided an AirMaKKs brake for use on a conveyor that transports crushed limestone at a cement plant in Columbia, South America. The 150m-long decline belt conveyor moves 879t/h at 1.5m/s.

The supplied 34in-diameter AirMaKKs 225AM model air-cooled, spring set, air-released brake has a torque rating of 582,000lb. (55,757Nm). The brake utilizes high-energy friction linings that provide extremely high torque characteristics and long friction life. The unit is also equipped with torque plate temperature sensors for convenient monitoring.

The AirMaKKs is designed to provide braking assistance on conveyor applications as well as cranes and drawworks. AirMaKKs models utilize the basic, easy-to-maintain, pin-style, modular design of Wichita’s popular AquaMaKKs, including the brake housing with torque plates installed instead of water jackets. Models are available in the 19in, 25in, 36in and 48in AquaMaKKs sizes.

The brake’s stationary torque plates float axially on the frame allowing for lower rotating brake inertias, a greater heat soak area, and electronic temperature sensors. With the rotating friction disc members being a splined interface with the hub, extremely low rotating inertias are present. Competing plate brakes that utilize rotating rotors are commonly subjected to rotor / disc seizing to the hub that are a result of heat loading from ‘brake drag’ and excessive E-stops. The AirMaKKs design minimizes this common condition.