9 April 2013

Western Tire Recyclers was founded in 2009 by owners Rob Stokes and Ryan Trapp with a heavy focus on OTR tire recycling. The company currently serves customers in six states throughout the US. It offers full service tire recycling for mining companies for tires of all sizes, including giant loads.

Western Tire Recyclers expertise

What makes Western Tire Recyclers any different to the other OTR tire recycling companies throughout the world?

  • All tires accepted are processed regardless of the size or condition
  • Tires are not salvaged or repaired, they are all destroyed
  • It is a certified tire recycling company
  • The company has dedicated tire transportation services
  • It is an open-door facility with a lean operating strategy and innovative approach

What has been accomplished

Since 2009, Western Tire Recyclers has grown into something extraordinary. The relationships it has built with past and current customers has given the company the ability to develop better products and services to continue providing world class scrap tire recycling services.

The facts

Western Tire Recyclers has:

  • Recycled more than 22.5 million pounds of scrap tires to date
  • Recycled 6.4 million pounds of tires in 2012 alone
  • Developed markets for rubber mulch and giant tire water tanks
  • Developed reliable, state-of-the-art equipment for heavy use
  • Established a proven, sustainable system