Global AC drives manufacturer Vacon estimates that its products helped save approximately 55TWh of energy in 2013. Also, the amount of energy produced last year from renewable energy sources with Vacon’s AC drives was approximately 22TWh.

About 55TWh (50TWh in 2012) of electrical energy was saved last year with the help of Vacon AC drives. This corresponds to the amount of energy produced by approximately ten 700MW nuclear power reactors in a year, or the annual electricity consumption of approximately 12 million households in Europe. This also corresponds to approximately 22 hours of the world’s annual electrical energy production1.

In addition, in 2013, the amount of energy produced with the help of Vacon’s AC drives from renewable energy sources was approximately 22TWh (20TWh in 2012). This corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of approximately five million households in Europe, or approximately nine hours of the world’s entire annual electrical energy production1.

An AC drive adjusts the speed of an electric motor according to the real process need, which typically reduces energy consumption by 20% to 50%. According to studies, the payback time of AC drives has continuously shortened. For example, in pump and fan applications the payback time can even be less than one year.

"Vacon has delivered AC drives since 1995. From the technological perspective, AC drives will be more energy efficient and offer better performance in the future. Competing or substitute technical solutions do not exist for AC drives and are not within sight," says Vesa Laisi, Vacon’s President and CEO.

Energy-efficiency in Vacon’s new vision

In November 2013 Vacon published its new community-based vision. The company’s vision is The Drives Family, a close community where the best people work together to develop the best products, applications and services for customers.

"The Drives Family helps our customers optimise their operations, save and produce energy efficiently and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In this way we make the world and our way of living more sustainable," sums up Vesa Laisi.

Vacon has created a video of its new vision, which is available on the company website.

1: World’s electricity production data: Key World Energy Statistics 2013, International Energy Agency (IEA).