Vacon AC drives manufacturer introduced its high-power VACON® NXP liquid-cooled enclosed drives at the Offshore Korea fair in Busan, Korea in November 2014.

The NXP is Vacon’s most space-saving enclosed drive, consisting of a range of products developed especially with system integrators in mind. The pre-designed and engineered VACON NXP liquid-cooled enclosed drive is robust and ideal for demanding environments and applications where space is at a premium.

Several technical advances and features in the liquid-cooled enclosed drives make them an attractive choice for customers. They do not require any large air-conditioning system, which in turn minimises the investment cost, brings space and energy savings, and makes it virtually silent. Also all main components such as the filters are liquid-cooled as standard.

Vacon has been delivering these drives to several of its system integrator partners. Now this product series will be an official member of Vacon’s well-proven portfolio of liquid-cooled AC drives, thus simplifying the order and delivery process to customers and increasing the company’s capability to serve a wide range of industries and applications.

Vacon marketing director of premium drives Jari Marjo said: "We now upgrade our successful design to a new level by making it an official product among the Vacon NXP liquid-cooled drives product family.

"There is a great potential for this product on the market, for example, in the marine and offshore segment, where reliability and compact sizes play a key role. Also other industries such as oil, gas and mining greatly benefit from the advantages this product has to offer."

The standard Vacon NXP liquid-cooled enclosed drives can be used with AC motors of power sizes from 800kW to 1,550kW. However, by using Vacon’s patented DriveSync control concept, four of them can be run in parallel, offering an outstanding power range up to 5.3MW.