Trident South Africa, OEM manufacturers of Goodman Locomotives, Eimco Rockershovels and Trident Winches are looking for agents in the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Turkmenistan, Argentina, Papua New Guinea, Serbia, Spain, Brazil, and Turkey.

Trident South Africa has many new and exciting products that have recently entered the market and more are yet to come. The 12E electric Rockershovel and the Wolf range of Battery and Trolley line locomotives for instance; designed for maximum efficiency in terms of power usage and size.

Trident is looking for organisations that:

  • Are based in mining areas or where the decisions are made
  • Are a going concern with logistical assets and technical facilities in mining areas
  • Have technical staff that are able to sell and maintain our equipment

Applicants can send requests to, along with company information.