This new component promises measurable savings in time, reusability and safety.

Often, when you visit an exhibition, it is not so much the big machines that impress, although they will all bristle with innovations, but it is the small seemingly, simple components that are set to make a real difference.

At Intermat – April in Paris – we came across such a component.

ERLAU TPC, the world-leading Tyre Protection Chain (TPC) manufacturer, was proudly showing off a new connecting ring that promises to save operators thousands of hours and thousands of dollars, euros or pounds.

Until now, the fitting of a TPC required a number of special links to ‘stitch’ the two ends together.

Not only is this lengthy process laborious and dangerous – involving hammers, pins, flying metal, squashed thumbs and bad language – but, once the pins have become corroded, cutting is usually the only way to remove them and, once cut, the links are no longer of use and have to be scrapped and replaced.

Furthermore, there are very real and obvious dangers when using flame-cutting equipment close to tyres. In all safety-oriented operations, the use of naked flame next to tyres is strictly prohibited.

Now, ERLAU TPC has created EASYLOCK – a connecting ring that can be fitted and removed quicker than it takes to describe.

As the illustration shows, EASYLOCK comprises just two components – an open ring and a locking hasp.

The link is passed through two adjacent rings and the hasp pushed over the prongs of the open link.

The hasp incorporates a locking device which is secured with a 90 deg. turn, in either direction of an Allen key. Once locked, EASYLOCK will remain securely in place until it is removed in the same simple 90 deg. procedure.

Either delivered with a new order of ERLAU TPC or available separately in sets, EASYLOCK can be retro-fitted to any make of 19mm or 22mm TPC and promises measurable savings in time and reusability and safety.

EASYLOCK is available from: ERLAU TPC AG, Friedensinsel, Aalen, Germany, 73432, T: +49 7 361 595 3496, F: +49 7 361 595 3214, M +49 (0)1 718 870 102 www.ERLAU, francesco.digiusto@ERLAU, Francesco Di Giusto, Sales Manager.