The Thorstacker is used worldwide in a wide range of applications and insutries – from oils to aggregates, in mining operations, ship loading, agricultural and recycling.

This past fall a T190x36-0800 ThorStacker was added to a local quarry operation to increase the stockpiling of limestone aggregate. This 190-ft. model replaced a non-telescopic stacker so the client is now able to stockpile at 500 tonnes/hr, with a range of up to 270° without re-configuring any transfer conveyors. With an increased stockpiling area and reduced product segregation, the telescopic stacker ended up being the best fit for this particular project. This client has been very satisfied with their ThorStacker, calling the improvement "fantastic." And we’ll keep an eye on how they’re doing to make sure they stay satisfied. For a look at this ThorStacker in action, check out the video at