Brokk 110

Brokk, the world’s leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition robots, is proud to present the third new robot this year. The Brokk 110 represents the latest generation of demolition robots. With 15% more power than the Brokk 100, the new Brokk SmartPower™ electrical system and a reinforced design, it’s built to face almost anything.

The new Brokk 110 will be introduced on 29 September at the Swedish Demolition show Demcon. Machine deliveries will start in December, closing a year of celebrations commemorating the 40th anniversary of Brokk and its innovative remote-controlled demolition robots.


The new Brokk 110 delivers 15% more power than the popular Brokk 100 and a whopping 50% more power than the iconic Brokk 90. At the same time, it retains the compact format of the Brokk 100, making it exceptionally versatile in restricted spaces. It folds up into a compact package that easily can climb stairs or fit into an elevator. And with a weight below 1,000kg, it is the perfect machine on weak floor loads.

Power and versatility in a small package – the hallmark of a true Brokk machine!

Smarter – Brokk SmartPower™

The Brokk 110 is equipped with the unique Brokk SmartPower™ electrical system. The new intelligent system optimizes performance of the machine based on factors such as the quality of the power supply, the environment and more. In addition, the new system is designed from scratch for the extreme work environments of Brokk machines. This means unparalleled reliability and industry leading serviceability.

For Brokk customers, Brokk SmartPower™ makes it possible to run the machine on lower quality power supply and provides increased availability of the machine over its entire lifetime. Brokk SmartPower™ – Smart and reliable!


A Brokk machine is designed for tough environments and the new Brokk 110 is no exception. It takes toughness to yet another level by not only adding protective elements in the design choices, such as the new headlight protections for the state-of-the-art LED headlights. It even adds protection in the paint choice, where the new roughened gray color adds an additional level of resistance to scratches that makes it last longer. Every part, every detail and every function is designed to take a pounding so that the robot can keep on delivering on the work site, day after day, year after year.

"The introduction of the new Brokk 110 illustrates the speed of innovation and development of Brokk’s remote-controlled demolition machines. By leveraging our 40 years’ of experience, we have in increased the power and productivity of the machines in this size by 50% over the last five years, without sacrificing any of the reach or versatility of the machines. In fact, our demolition robots are now even more compact and flexible than they were five years ago", says Martin Krupicka, CEO of the Brokk Group.

Some Brokk 110 benefits:

  • Most powerful machine of its size: maximizing the output of the SB152 and CC340
  • Brokk SmartPower™: New intelligent electrical system
  • Operates on both 16A and 32A fuses
  • Real 360° work radius, enabled by its low machine design
  • Unbeatable cooling capacity
  • Fully covered and protected components