Developer of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilisation, SYSPRO today announced that Ann Grackin, CEO of ChainLink Research, has in a recent report cited the benefits of SYSPRO’s organically built, end-to-end, single-source ERP solution.

The result, Grackin says is the: "Type of deep data integration that is facilitating faster decision-making capabilities."

In her paper Moving Off and Moving Up Part 2, Grackin sees today’s ERP market growth falling into three categories:

  • Companies seeking their first solution
  • Customers seeking a refresh / upgrade to their existing ERP
  • Maintenance only customers

"Unfortunately, existing ERP providers are failing to address the pent-up demand by existing users who are seeking more functionality or newer tools to augment their ERP solutions," Grackin added.

Grackin also cautions that a changing workforce is also having a greater impact on the tech market each year: "The evaluation team looks a bit different these days with a new generation of decision makers, echo boomers."

She added: "Their tastes in technology are significantly different. This again is a huge risk and opportunity for ERP."

"However, the ERP market, in spite of challenges, continues to thrive," she added.

"Questions still persist if there are too many products for the marketplace. There are many solutions whose sales are very limited or not at all and whose ERP is not maintained on behalf of the customer."

Grackin adds a cautionary note: "The technology edge and vertical expertise are critical, but how well the company cares for the customer has to matter as much."

SYSPRO USA president Joey Benadretti commented: "I agree that the customer experience is the critical component for long-term true satisfaction, provided that the necessary functionality and technology is in place.

"I am pleased to say that SYSPRO continually strives to offer a technologically superior product with an ongoing emphasis on customer service."