Uwe Walter, Managing Director of Stieber

At the end of 2015, it was announced that one of Germany’s best respected power transmission brands would be partnering with UK manufacturer, Twiflex, to provide the German market with direct access to a wide range of heavy-duty braking systems. Both brands are owned by Altra Industrial Motion, meaning that OEMs, end-users and resellers are all able to benefit from the expertise of two leading manufacturers from a single point of contact.

Stieber managing director Uwe Walter explains how customers are already benefitting from the arrangement.

Walter said: "Twiflex offers the largest range of industrial disc brake calipers in the world and has always been a leading provider of braking systems throughout industry for performing speed control, ’emergency stop’ and holding duties. This partnership means that the entire Twiflex product catalogue is now available to the German market to purchase direct from the manufacturer; backed-up by a large engineering team and substantial local stock.

"Within the first six months, we’ve found that the collaboration has been extremely popular with existing Stieber customers, as well as the wider German market. Our current customers gain advantage from an extended range of power transmission solutions, while companies who have previously had to purchase Twiflex products through third-party distributors now have direct access to the range and its extended services, without having to worry about a language barrier.

"Of course the partnership extends to customised solutions as well. Stieber has 80 years of experience in mechanical power transmission and, because we are both part of Altra Industrial Motion, we have a direct line of communication with the design engineers at Twiflex. Special requests from Germany will be handled in the same manner, and at the same speed, as a request made from within the UK.

"Reflecting our commitment to this effort, we are now holding standard Twiflex components in stock at our warehouse in Heidelberg. Customers can expect delivery next day on standard orders, just the same as when they order a Stieber component. Even customised products can be held in stock in Germany, balanced with the demand from the customer.

"The relationship between our two brands, via Altra Industrial Motion, has brought a direct benefit to our existing customer base, as well as other buyers in the German market who are now able to access a broader range of power transmission products than ever before from a single source. This perfectly represents the great advantage of the global Altra network, which includes a total of 23 brands from around the world.

"Just as we’re able to support customers of any brand within Germany; Stieber and Twiflex customers are able to gain from local support no matter where they are in the world. We’re setting a global standard in service and support which means that, no matter where a customer’s application is, or which brand he approaches, the level of customer support will always be the same.

"With regards to the partnership between Stieber and Twiflex in Germany, I believe that, as the Twiflex brand begins to grow within Germany, we’ll continue to expand our stocked product offering and further reduce lead times on engineered solutions. I’m extremely proud to be representing such a renowned brand and helping to grow its popularity in one of the world’s strongest manufacturing economies."