SRK Consulting is expanding its Nordic presence by opening a new consulting practice in Finland.

The office will be located in the northern city of Rovaniemi, the administrative capital of the Lapland region and close to key areas of exploration and mining activity.

In recognition of the regional and worldwide importance of the Nordic countries to the mining and metals sector, SRK established an office in Skellefteå, Sweden in 2009. The practice today provides multi-disciplinary consulting services to a broad range of clients, including explorers, developers, producers and financiers.

SRK Finland managing director Johan Bradley said: "We’re excited by the opportunities in Finland, which expands our regional footprint and provides SRK’s Nordic team the chance to work more closely with Finnish clients through our new office in Rovaniemi."

SRK Finland joins the global network of SRK Group companies, which employ more than 1500 professional engineers and scientists based in over 50 offices on six continents.