Stockholm Precision Tools’ (SPT) state-of-the-art North-seeking GyroTracer™ has recently been acquired by a leading well logging company based in France specialising in both deep well exploration and infrastructure diagnostics, that services clients worldwide in the fields of geotechnics and civil engineering, hydrogeology, geothermy as well as oil, gas and mining resource evaluation.

To ensure excellence of service and customer satisfaction in every field operation, the Company relies on SPT’s GyroTracer, considered by experts in the mining industry as the most advanced high performance, reliable and accurate downhole gyroscopic survey navigation tool currently in the market. This equipment makes it possible to test wells located in remote inaccessible areas and hostile environments under extreme circumstances, providing an unprecedented level of accuracy and precision, which reduces surveying time and costs for their clients.

As part of SPT’s integral service, operator training was provided at Customer’s premises in France, in order to ensure maximum efficiency in operation of the North-seeking GyroTracer. This instrument is rugged and user-friendly. It is not affected by magnetic interference and it does not require field calibration before operation. It’s low-power and capable of operating on a wireline or battery-operated memory mode.