Southwestern Scale has announced the immediate availability of FORCE Mining Haul Truck Scales from Phoenix, Arizona. Through a strategic partnership with Trakblaze Global of Melbourne, Australia, the company is now producing FORCE systems for customers in North America, South America, and Europe. As the North American authorized dealer and manufacturer for Trakblaze Global, FORCE systems are delivered and supported to a larger geographic market, with an improved level of response time for service and support.

"Southwestern Scale has always been aligned with leading-edge technology, as seen through the products and companies we are partnered with. The strategic relationship with Trakblaze Global is indicative of that strategy. As a leading provider of in-motion weighing systems, we are excited about the opportunity to work with Trakblaze to bring, and support, these leading-edge technologies to customers in our territory, " states Roger Dumont, co-owner. "There are solutions being used in other parts of the world that are not commonly leveraged in the US and Canada, and through this strategic relationship we are leading the way in bringing these solutions to the customers that need them."

As part of Southwestern Scale’s commitment to the mining sector, FORCE systems will be available for purchase or rental, in addition to the Weight Study Services being offered. Mark Murdza, sales and business development manager, said that "Mining operations and haul truck fleet managers are being pressed to lower costs and optimize efficiencies, and increase tire life. In conjunction with limited availability of larger tires globally, weighing systems like the FORCE provide the data needed to assure proper and safe loading to maximize tire life and minimize safety risks. The FORCE system provides the most comprehensive set of capabilities in conjunction with the most accurate in-motion weighing performance, it was clear to us that FORCE provides the lowest cost of ownership and shortest ROI to our customers."