We offer a range of modifications options to suit many uses for shipping containers. Please let us know should you require any other kind of modification as we do specialise in containers for many other uses; refrigeration, storage tanks etc.

Colour Options:

A large range of colour options are available, adhering to the Australian standards AS2700-1996 Colours for general use.

High-Security Locks:

High-Security (Hi-Security) Locks are specifically designed for use in with our lock boxes. They use a vertical pin that easily pushes up through the locking lug on the door and allow very quick and easy operation to lock and unlock. All locks are supplied with four keys.

Lock Box:

All containers have built-in capacity to allow then to be locked with a padlock. Unfortunately, the padlock is exposed and easily cut off with bolt cutters.

A lock box is a two-part locking system, one part is welded to each door and once the doors are closed they overlap allowing the container to be padlocked and shrouding the lock from bolt cutter access.

Either a standard 45mm padlock, or our hi-security locks can be used with the lockbox.

Power and Lights:

If a container is being used as a site shed, workshop, office, feed shed etc. there is often a need for power and lights. The usual set up for a 20ft container is two fluorescent lights, a switch, double powerpoint and a mini circuit board / safety switch. These can be wired up to a weatherproof ‘Caravan’ plug on the exterior of the container so you can simply plug your extension lead in and away you go or plug into an external hard wire box if you would like to wire in as a permanent fixture.


Shipping containers are often used for extra storage or store rooms. In these situations shelving allows you to maximise the storage capacity.

The shelf units pictured are in 1.2m-long bays with adjustable shelf height, the shelves are wooden. There are other styles available, though we have found the wooden variety works well for the majority of uses.

Side Door Access:

Sometimes additional access through the end or side walls of a container is needed, in these situations we will fit an aftermarket door.

These doors are similar in size to a standard house door with:

• Key lock turning handle
• Steel-framed and steel clad construction
• Right or left-hand opening
• 180° outward opening

Spinning Roof Vent:

Shipping containers bring stored in hot or humid areas require additional venting. The whirlybird style of spinning vent can be located anywhere on the roofline of the shipping container is weatherproof.

Window and Security Screens:

On occasions that containers are being used as site offices, storerooms, feed shed etc. and require extra light we are able to fit windows into either the end or the side walls. The usual size is 1.2m-wide x 1m-high with one fixed glass panel and one sliding window. They can be supplied with or without a security screen.