Sandvik is pleased to announce its new 3t narrow-vein loader (LHD) unit, which has been specifically designed to optimise the reliability, efficiency and safety of end-users’ operations.

The new Sandvik LH202 loader is targeted for narrow-vein mining applications with tunnel widths between 2m-2.5m.

It has been designed to help reduce dilution and improve flexibility and operator safety when working in narrow-vein operations.

The LH202 is full of features to help mines maximise tonnes and minimise extraction costs. It has been engineered to optimse machine width, length and turning radius.

Sandvik’s LH202 can reduce cost per tonne by up to 36% thanks to its reduced operating width and larger capacity compared to other loaders in the same size class.

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology product line manager of narrow-vein and low-profile loaders Kimmo Ulvelin said: “Due to its compact size and advanced transmission, Sandvik LH202 is both easy to drive and manoeuvre in confined spaces typical of narrow-vein tunnels.”

Sandvik global sales and marketing support manager product area load and haul Ashleigh Braddock says an operator compartment located in the loader’s rear frame helps improve operator safety and comfort.

Braddock explains: “With this safety design, we have moved the operator further away from falling rocks during bucket loading.

“Improved visibility and powerful LED lights help reduce collision risk, while ground-level daily maintenance reduces risk of slips, trips and falls.

“Enhanced ergonomics in the operator compartment keeps the operator more comfortable during the shift, enabling to focus on production.”

With sustainable operation in mind, and to enable the use of Sandvik LH202 in markets with low engine emission requirements, the new loader will be available with either a standard Tier 2 engine or a lower-emission Tier 4 engine in the future.

The new Sandvik LH202 completes a comprehensive offering of Sandvik loaders engineered for narrow-vein operations.

From Sandvik LH201, our smallest loader with a payload of one metric tonne and capable of operating in tunnels as narrow as 1.5m, up to the Sandvik LH307 with a tramming capacity of 6.7 metric tonnes in tunnels that are greater than 3m-wide, we offer a narrow-vein loader with an optimised capacity and envelope for your unique operation.

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