Sandvik Mining has upgraded its Sandvik LH410 underground hard rock loader to improve operational flexibility and productivity. Topping the list of significant enhancements is a complete redesign of the front end, improving the loader’s ability to load trucks, including three-pass loading of the Sandvik TH430.

"Our upgraded Sandvik LH410 makes what has always been a highly productive and reliable loader even more productive, reliable and flexible," said Minna Pirkkanen, product manager for mass mining underground loaders at Sandvik Mining.

"We have redesigned our unique high-power bucket/boom system, which delivers fast and efficient bucket filling, to enable increased dump heights and faster dumping."

In addition to upgrading the bucket geometry of Sandvik LH410 to improve truck loading, a host of additional improvements are designed to increase safety, reliability and ease of maintenance.

"These improvements result from a combination of customer feedback, application of our engineering expertise and product support experience in supplying more than 1,000 loaders in the 10t class over the past decade," Pirkkanen added.

Improvements to the loader bucket and arm geometry have elevated the bucket pin height 312mm to 3,863mm, significantly improving the loader’s ability to load trucks.

To optimise load distribution and facilitate the dumping process, the 10t tramming capacity Sandvik LH410 also features a redesigned bucket with an improved profile for easier bucket filling and faster dumping. The bucket system also now features a larger loader boom/bucket pump for better control and faster dump speeds and an improved bucket-shaking system to further increase dump speeds, particularly with muddy or sticky materials.

Improvements to the optional boom suspension system deliver a smoother ride in bumpy underfoot conditions, resulting in better operator comfort, reduced wear and tear and better load retention. Additional enhancements include ergonomic improvements to the accelerator and brake pedals, an upgraded oil cooler and improver transmission and torque converter cooling to ensure increased reliability and a relocated air filter that is easier to access and reduces maintenance time and downtime.

"These improvements result in a machine that is more flexible across a wider range of tasks and operations, while also providing increased safety, reliability and productivity," Pirkkanen said.

"At the same time, we have maintained the key features in what is one of the most highly regarded and best-selling underground hard rock loaders on the market, including a very strong certified ROPS/FOPS structure operator compartment, which is one of key safety features of this unit."

Sandvik LH410 also features a strong, lightweight box construction boom, designed to deliver excellent strength, reliability and durability while minimising fuel-wasting dead mass.

"Uptime is maximised through our proven vehicle control and management (VCM) system, the most advanced available, with a single display in the cabin giving all information required, allowing fast diagnostics with no special tools," said Pirkkanen.

An optional monitoring system for tire pressure provides early warning of a potential flat or failed tire.

"As with other Sandvik Mining underground hard rock machines, Sandvik LH410 is automation-ready, enabling it to be integrated into a Sandvik AutoMine operation by installing an available upgrade kit," Pirkkanen added.