After the exceptional success of RIEGL LiDAR 2013, which took place in Vienna Austria, RIEGL has announced its next International User Conference, RIEGL LiDAR 2015, to be held in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China.

RIEGL Chief Marketing Officer Johannes Riegl Jr. said: "To meet the growing demand of our products in China, we’ve opened a new RIEGL CHINA office just recently. To recognise this development, we will hold our next user conference in Asia. We look forward to welcoming our international and Chinese community to the spectacular cities of Hong Kong and Guangzhou."

Hong Kong is a world famous, vibrant and spectacular city. With its Chinese and European heritage, it offers a unique ambience and welcomes guests with amazing hospitality. It has a major international airport, serving connections from many cities worldwide. Entering is straightforward and convenient with most international visitors not requiring a visa. Hong Kong is a must for everyone to visit once in their lives.

The nearby city of Guangzhou in mainland China is a rising star among the Chinese mega cities, with a population of more than 10 million people. The city is known for its high-tech production and technology. Guangzhou can be visited by our Chinese guests without a visa, and is conveniently connected to Hong Kong by either a 90 minute ferry trip, train connection, or a very short flight.

The RIEGL LiDAR 2015 user conference will focus on user presentations reporting on projects using RIEGL LiDAR equipment, scientific and partner presentations, as well as on our latest developments and product news from RIEGL.

The international conference in Hong Kong will have English as the primary language and will be held on 5 – 7 May 2015. The conference in Guangzhou, with Mandarin and English as the main languages, will be held 7 – 8 May 2015. Every visitor will have the option to participate in either or both the Hong Kong and Guangzhou sections of the conference, depending on convenience and preference.

See the company website for more information.

Image: RIEGL LiDA 2015. Photo: courtesy of RIEGL.