PROXA is proud to announce the successful commissioning and performance testing of the modular mine water treatment plant at Anglo American Greenside CollIery.

PROXA CEO Elie Sakhat said about this accomplishment: "We are delighted that the plant has achieved zero liquid discharge (ZLD) over the last four months."

The technology was developed and commercialised by PROXA in South Africa and demonstration at full-scale marks, an important milestone for mine water treatment globally.

The plant is part of PROXA’s fleet of mobile water treatment technologies and has a total installed capacity of 7.5 million litres a day. The modular and mobile nature of the technology allowed deployment of the mine water treatment solution in record time.

The product water is compliant for environmental discharge and reuse. PROXA builds, operates and maintains water treatment systems in more than 100 industrial and mining sites throughout the southern hemisphere.

Helping clients achieve environmental compliance contributes to the sustainable development of the planet and surrounding communities.

Image: Anglo American water treatment plant reaches zero liquid discharge. Photo: courtesy of PROXA.