fall arrest

Heightsafetyline ™ is a permanent anchor line that can be used in fall arrest applications. Heightsafetyline consists of individually branded systems: Safe Climb™, Safe Walk™, Safe Roof™.

The systems are designed for cat ladder, open walk way and roof type working situations where the possibility of a fall exists. The permanent vertical / horizontal anchor line systems are the first in South Africa to carry the SANS mark and conform to SANS EN 795 and SANS EN 353-1.

Heightsafetyline systems guarantee a permanent anchor line the user can connect to via a fall arrest system and does not have to disconnect from at any point. The non-removable shuttle will slide past all intermediate anchor points on the system for hassle-free movement.

The 316 stainless steel Heightsafetyline is the most user-friendly, ready-to-use, permanent horizontal / vertical life line system in the world.

Heightsafetyline’s unique shock absorbing system ensures that energy generated during the fall is below allowable limits and will not cause additional structural damage. The shock absorbing system can be removed in the event of a fall and is the only component that needs to be replaced.


The Safe Walk and Safe Roof permanent fall arrest systems have been installed on the following fall arrest working applications:

  • Roof systems concrete slabs
  • Corrugated roofs
  • High angle tiled roofs
  • Overhead crane bays
  • Building maintenance applications
  • Truck loading bays
  • Steel structures
  • And many more


The following limitations need to be taken into consideration before using the Heightsafetyline system:

  • The number of users allocated on the system certification plate is not exceeded
  • The system’s certification is within the 12-month inspection cycle
  • The system is used with an approved full body harness connected directly to the life line, via an approved fall arrest device
  • Safe certified equipment is used in conjunction with the life line
  • Ensure competence in working at height has been achieved before using the system


  1. 8mm steel wire rope
  2. Fork terminal
  3. Screw terminal
  4. Universal box brackets / base plates
  5. Shock absorber
  6. Intermediate bracket
  7. Shuttle for connection (horizontal / vertical)
  8. Connection nuts and bolts
  9. Certification ID tag


The life line needs to be inspected for serviceability of all components before each and every use.


Ensure that the life line diameter and shuttle connection point are compatible with the connector on your fall arrest device.

Operating procedures

The shuttle makes it unnecessary to disconnect from the life line during general use. If no intermediate points exist, you can connect your fall arrest device directly to the steel wire rope section of the life line.

Packaging, storing and transporting the system

All components in the Heightsafetyline systems are manufactured from stainless steel. The installed system is weatherproof and does not require special storing and transporting.

Connecting to the life line

For normal fall arrest use, connect a fall arrest device directly to your full body harness. If intermediate points are present on the system, connect to the shuttles. If there are no intermediate points available, connect directly to the steel wire rope section.

Installing the life line

The life line needs to be installed by a competent installer trained by Heightsafety Gear.

Traceability and markings

Each item in the system comes with a unique serial number. All components’ serial numbers must be recorded on the certificate of conformance. Each life line system will have its own ID tag with new serial number for the combined system.


Each life line system conforms to SANS EN 795/50795 or SANS EN 353/50353


This system is subject to a conditional maintenance warrantee of ten years. The following occurrences are not included in this warrantee:

  • Normal wear-and-tear caused by day-to-day use
  • Rust and oxidation
  • Alterations and modifications made to the product
  • Wrong storage methods
  • No or poor maintenance
  • Damage due to overloading the system
  • Damage due to excessive use or accidents
  • Dropping the items from a height
  • Overstepping the safe working load of the items
  • Using the product beyond its intended design scope


Working at height activities are potentially dangerous and the person using this system is responsible for their own safety, actions and decisions.

Before using this device you must understand the following:

  • Failure to abide by the warnings may result in serious injury or death
  • You have a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of working at height
  • The user of this system is responsible for their own actions
  • You must be physically fit to use the system. Certification, safe working load and all relevant system information can be verified at the company website
  • All components are patented

Image: Heightsafetyline is a permanent anchor line that can be used in fall arrest applications. Photo: courtesy of Heightsafety Gear.