Daily operations on mines have become crucially dependant on the reliability of the equipment used to safeguard critical resources responsible for productivity.

The Movement and Surveying Radar (MSR) has established a proven Operational Availability record over the past 7 years. This has allowed the global MSR family of users to depend on the availability, reliability as well as the accuracy of the measured data provided to all relevant decision-makers within the operational structure of their mine on a 24/7 basis.

Once the MSR has been deployed, all functions relating to command and control are done remotely through a WiFi or internet connection. This means that a geotechnical engineer can be travelling to any part of the world and still be provided with real-time live data of critical areas currently being mined in the pit.

Furthermore, the system can be configured to provide relevant stakeholders with alarms via e-mail or text message when required. This has proven to be very useful in times when the main decision-makers cannot be physically present at the mine but lives and equipment could still be in danger.

In addition to this, Reutech Mining has recently launched the IPAS (In Pit Alarm System) that links to the MSR via its WiFi interface. It provides various customizable alarm functionalities within the pit, both visible and audible.

With all these features and the increasing dependence on reliability and availability, Reutech Mining aspires to the highest possible level of Operational Availability.

"With a global average Operational Availability of 99.5% per annum, we are most definitely the leader in the market. This performance measurement includes the entire system in addition to the generators, making it even more impressive.

This is further backed by Reutech’s unique Operational Availability guarantee where we are liable for financial penalties if this is not achieved in any given calendar month," says Cala van der Westhuizen, Sales and Marketing Manager of Reutech Mining.

This is further enhanced by having factory access to the system in order to perform intelligent fault finding and, in most cases, remote repair if any system failure should occur. To maintain these high standards a maximum of one service per month is required to ensure that the whole system, inclusive of the diesel generator, achieves the Operational Availability specifications required.

Reutech Mining is proud of this achievement which, along with good decision making, has led to numerous instances of preventative actions that were taken to safeguard the valuable human resources on our clients’ mines.

"With continuous development and research of the latest technology, the statistics show that the MSR has become increasingly reliable and dependable in all fields. Reutech Mining will continuously strive to achieve even greater results in the future," says van der Westhuizen.