We have officially launched Northern Strands new website. There are a number of important new features and tools we’ve added to best serve our clients:

  • The new website was built with the latest website design software. This means our site is responsive/interactive. This has numerous benefits. Most importantly, our site is mobile friendly. This means that if you access our site from a phone or tablet, it will auto format similar to an app. This makes our site much more user-friendly.
  • We now have a Rigging Calculator and a Wirelock Socketing Calculator. If you open either on your phone or tablet, they will appear similar to an app. Best of all, our Rigging and Wirelock Socketing Calculators are free to use.
  • Our website now has Custom Quotation Form fields for clients to easily enter information when they want custom products. No downloading of documents needed. You enter the information right into the webpage. This will enable us to give our clients fast and accurate quotes.
  • Many new and revised tabs. With some of the most significant changes being the adding of an Equipment Testing & Certification tab and more detailed information on our Mining Wire Rope, Attachments & Equipment products and services
  • All of our updated Northern Strands brochures and flyers can be found and downloaded from our Media page
  • Northern Strands offers hundreds of products and services across our five divisions. If your having trouble finding what your looking, try our new search bar in the top right-hand corner.
  • Plus many more improvements.

We hope you enjoy our new Northern Strands website. We value our customers opinions and would appreciate any feedback regarding our website.