Industry-leading trommel manufacturer McCloskey International is delivering cost-effective enhanced screening to customers around the world with their new spiral drum options for the trommel lineup. Available with punch plate or mesh, the new drum is available on all models, combining the highly efficient incline found in all McCloskey trommels with the product quality control of a spiral drum.

Used for applications like green waste, mulch, and compost, McCloskey’s spiral screen increases control of material flow, maximizing material sorting per load. While load height in spiral drum trommels can be lower than the inclined design, McCloskey combines the standard incline featured on all McCloskey trommels, with the highly efficient output of the spiral drum to deliver higher productivity.

McCloskey developed their first spiral drums three years ago and are now ready to deliver this design option across the whole range.

The spiral drum will be available on 500, 600, and 700 series trommels. All trommels in the line-up take advantage of McCloskey’s Drum X-Change System, which allows operators to remove the drum from the trommel with a loader, and swap it out with another drum in just fifteen minutes.

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