Charnaud exclusively launched a four-in-one personal protective suit which provides unrivalled protection in severe heat applications at Electra Mining 2014.

The innovative Metal-Safe; branded personal protective clothing (PPC) garments are made from next-generation fabrics to ensure the user is protected against life-threatening hazards including fire, static, electric arc flash and severe molten red metal splash.

Charnaud founder Andrew Charnaud said: "The African mining sector’s top decision makers form part of the 38,000-strong guest list at Electra Mining, making it the ideal platform to launch Metal-Safe."

The Metal-Safe range provides maximum protection for workers undertaking dangerous tasks such as welding, electrical and metal foundry tasks, even after exposure to severe heat and flames.

The unique design ensures the range has superior air permeability, moisture, absorption capacity and drying speed, when compared with other materials of the same weight.

Mr Charnaud said: "This prevents heat stress, which results in higher physiological performance. The high durability results in an extended lifecycle and lower overhead costs for the user."

The Metal-Safe range is available in one and two-piece coverall options and is water-washable at residential or industrial laundries.
Charnaud also exhibited its range of tried-and-tested protective garments at Electra Mining that included:

  • Survive-Arc: PPC and equipment to protect against the thermal effects of electric arc flash
  • Aci-Flam: PPC protects against the dual hazards of flames and liquid acid splash, including 98% sulphuric acid
  • WoolSafe: PPC and equipment used to protect against molten metal splash
  • Aluminised: PPC that protects against radiant heat and molten metal splash

The company began exhibiting at Electra Mining in 2010. Electra Mining 2014 took place from 15-19 September at the Nasrec Expo Centre in Johannesburg.