Sandvik LH204, a new 4t capacity LHD designed for narrow-vein underground mining applications, delivers class-leading safety and productivity in a cost-effective solution.

Developed initially for the fast-growing Chinese market in close collaboration between Sandvik Mining research and development teams in Finland and China, the compact, highly-manoeuvrable Sandvik LH204 addresses the challenging loading, hauling and dumping conditions of narrow-vein ore bodies.

"Sandvik LH204 operates productively and profitably in confined applications while still handling larger payloads than similar-sized competitor units," said Mika Pöyri, Sandvik Mining product manager.

"The increased 4t payload capacity results in a productivity increase of at least 13% compared with other LHDs in this size class."

Sandvik LH204, which has been available in China since April and will be on global markets later this year, features an improved powertrain, a higher-horsepower engine and a more powerful transmission, which translate into higher penetration rates for efficient loading of the 2m3 bucket.

"It also offers the highest levels of safety and ergonomics in this size class," Pöyri added.

"For example, the operator’s compartment is located in the rear frame and we can offer the option of a fully enclosed cabin for extra operator safety and comfort."

Unique in this class of LHD is a Sandvik vehicle control and management (VCM) system that monitors all loader parameters, including tramming speeds, operating temperatures and pressures. This expedites troubleshooting and minimises unscheduled downtime. In addition, all daily check and fill points are at ground level, facilitating safe and easy maintenance.

"With its higher payloads, increased power, enhanced safety and ergonomics and ease of maintenance and servicing, Sandvik LH204 offers significantly greater productivity and lower life-cycle costs than its predecessors and competing machines on the market," Pöyri said.

"This loader is the result of a design process that combines local market requirements with 30 years of Sandvik Mining experience in designing safe, reliable LHDs and applies our core technology benefits to a machine tailored for developing markets."