A water and waste treatment plant in Australia is now benefitting from the installation of pumps and grinders from NOV Mono. The Melbourne plant has been fitted with 15 Mono™ progressing cavity (PC) pumps and a grinder, which were all chosen on the basis of their ease of maintenance and proven track record in this type of application.

The facility provides sewage and recycled water services to 145,000 people throughout the surrounding region.

Mono’s Daniel McClusky commented: "However it had been suffering from repeated maintenance issues and needed a solution which would resolve the problem.

"The plant opted to standardise the pumps across the site by installing a combination of Mono Widethroat and transfer pumps, plus a CT203 Muncher, on the basis that the EZstripTM technology they feature would deliver major benefits in terms of maintenance and availability."

Mono’s unique EZstripTM design allows each item to be disassembled, cleaned and de-ragged in situ. This revolutionises the maintenance process, increases efficiency and creates significant savings in both the time and costs associated with maintenance work. Being able to source all the required equipment from a single specialist manufacturer also paid dividends for the customer by simplifying the purchasing, installation and commissioning process.

Mono’s innovative EZstripTM transfer pump represent the biggest advance in PC pump design for 30 years, by reducing the traditional day-long maintenance operation to just a 30-minute job. Designed specifically to be disassembled, de-ragged and maintained in-situ, the pump dramatically reduces costly maintenance and downtime.

Similar benefits are offered by Mono’s EZstripTM Widethroat Pump. This features a specially designed feed chamber which is easily disconnected to give rapid access to the rotor and screw conveyor assembly. The rotor and stator can then be removed without disconnecting any suction or delivery pipework.

As one of the latest additions to the EZstrip™ family, Mono’s EZstrip™ Munchers offer a practical and effective solution for solids grinding and sludge conditioning applications. Featuring a quick release EZstrip™ access port, they allow the cutter assembly to be maintained-in-place without removing the equipment, which again offers major benefits in terms of maintenance time and costs.

"Providing an effective and reliable solution for this type of project requires a detailed understanding of the customer’s needs and the issues they face on a daily basis," Daniel McClusky added.

"Fortunately Mono has a long and impressive track record on water and wastewater projects, so it was a straightforward challenge for us."

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