2014 has seen further unique developments in MinLog’s continued history and success, and another barometer of MinLog’s focus has been the partnership now established with Mining Technology.

MinLog managing director Karel Gilliland said this partnership is further evidence of MinLog’s expanding presence and commitment to providing proven and leading operations and production technology across the mining sector.

Mr Gilliland went on to say that the importance of being able to continually evolve cannot be underestimated in a market that demands progress, savings and productivity and this opportunity will provide further global exposure for MinLog, it’s customers and partners alike, is of significance.

This commitment to and the reputation of Mining Technology is yet another vital building block in MinLog’s global expansion plans. It also proves, yet again, that MinLog’s Minesuite technology is a needed, world-class solution, which continues to add value to many clients in the Australian, African and Indian mining sectors.