Midwest Valves & Controls works in partnership with GF Piping Systems to provide plastic piping solutions to customers. In Australia, PVC-U & PVC-C imperial pipe and fittings are stocked and used more often than PVC-U metric pipe, fittings and valves.

Based on GF’s premium ball valve series, the vented ball valve is designed for such applications as chlorinated water, water where bleach (sodium hypochlorite solutions) is present, and other applications where liquids requiring out-gassing exist. The special vent on one side of the ball allows for pressure to be released back into the closed system. This helps prevent potentially dangerous pressure from building up inside the valve.

Two and three-way ball valves, laboratory ball cocks, metering ball valve, diaphragm valves, angle seat check valves, cone check valves and butterfly valves are available in PVC-U and PVC-C and other materials.

A new range of pressure-reducing valves is available with PTFE / EPDM diaphragms with or without a pressure gauge in sizes 15mm to 50mm.

So when you are considering a plastic pipe system for your plant contact Midwest Valves & Controls for the advice that you require.