Dunns Earthmoving

Dunns Earthmoving is a recognised leading provider in earthmoving and related services.

Established in 2001 and operating out of South Australia, Dunns Earthmoving provides solutions and equipment for four main sectors: earthworks, water supply, labour, and equipment.

Dunns Earthmoving is a family owned and operated company that has grown over the years to now include 60 fly in fly out employees.

Dunns Earthmoving uses the MEX Maintenance Software to manage and maintain its large fleet of vehicles.

With such a large variety of vehicles requiring comprehensive service records and maintenance histories it’s imperative that a system, such as MEX, is used to help the company keep on track with maintenance activities.

MEX has helped Dunns Earthmoving improve its processes for retaining information pertaining to assets and the expenses associated with those assets.

Moving into the future Dunns Earthmoving plans to make full use of all of the maintenance capabilities of MEX to help better maintain their equipment.

For more information, please contact MEX.