Today, many high head applications are forced to use several pumps connected in series or oversized single pump solutions to reach desired performance. Neither of those solutions is without complications.

"We anticipate many of our customers to be able to better size their pump solution to the actual application, in a more cost effective way" says Fredrik Sylvander, responsible for the product launch.

"By adding only 30kg to the already lightweight 240kg Maxi H platform, we have been able to reach pump heads of 140m (50Hz) or 500ft (60Hz), an impressive performance for a pump with a small footprint that has to be easy to move," adds Sylvander.

Additionally the Maxi H and Maxi H-Lite get updated with the Octaline hydraulics, a wear-resistant closed impeller system in Hard-Iron™. This is a proven concept from the existing Grindex drainage pump range from 1kW to 18kW (50Hz) or 1hp to 27hp (60Hz).

"This concept has proven itself many times over since the introduction in 2008, in typical heavy duty dewatering applications all over the world," says Sylvander.

All pumps incorporate the impeller adjustment sleeve, a familiar sight in the Minex to Matador-range, offering a way to easily adjust the impeller and suction cover tolerance to regain as-new performance after wear.

First deliveries are planned for September.