Technosub started 34 years ago in the pump industry and is now well established in the Canadian mining market as the dewatering specialist.

Today, with more than 150 employees, they’ve become the gold standard in water management. Unlike many others in similar fields, they’ve succeeded in becoming a fine-tuned organization where selling pumps is only one component of their daily activity.

Technosub has managed to combine a master distributorship with a manufacturing facility which is supported by their own engineered solutions department to face the most challenging jobs anywhere in a diverse climate-driven country.

One exceptional challenge common to many companies in the mining world is managing mud. Where there is water, there is mud.
The solid particles found in mud vary in size, weight, with very abrasive characteristics. This is the root cause of many pump failures, and a burden to high-pressure pumps, as well as a huge dilemma in sump management.

Technosub made it their goal to find a solution that would reduce maintenance downtime and improve the underground conditions. Over the years, the final creation was an efficient mud treatment system, entirely operated by miners: The MUDWIZARD®.

This revolutionary system is unique, simple, patented and provides remarkable results. It uses a compact concentrated system, which allows the collection of solid particles.

The MUDWIZARD® system is installed underground, providing an immediate solution at the source. Solids found in the water are separated underground therefore, the pumps have less deterioration due to abrasion. As a results, pumps require less energy and the hydraulic wear is greatly diminished, increasing the pumps’ lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

The secret

The system uses unique patented clarification tablets, made of 100% organic and non-toxic agents developed by Technosub. The tablets are inserted into canisters alongside the system on a regular basis, varying from once a week to once every three weeks, and that’s it! This is very simple and can be operated by everyone; minimal training is required.

The system operates independently by itself with the dirty water flowing through the canisters and the clarification tablets magically accelerating the process of solids settling inside the system.

Thus, separation of abrasive particles found present in the water is quick and the results are amazing.

The water is now clean and can be easily recirculated for other uses. The remaining waste, which now has up to 90% less water volume, is easily transported by mining vehicles, or can be potentially reprocessed. What a clever way to reduce maintenance costs while significantly improving the underground conditions.

Since the launch of this new product in 2016, there have been about 25 systems installed in Canadian Mines and the results are impressive; the interest for this system is now building throughout the industry and worldwide.

The future holds bright for this innovative solution that will surely attract the attention of the mining, drilling and tunneling industries, which are all confronted with similar challenging conditions.