The wear and tear of traditional mining and quarrying equipment tends to be high; particularly when chisel operated hammers are being used. The chisel, which penetrates hard rock materials, causes excessive vibration, which is transferred back to the excavator. This makes the excavator vulnerable to damage and shortens the life time.

Due to the traditional chisel-based system’s technique of penetrating the material, the wear on the chisel is considerable as well. This is particularly the case when the rock contains a high amount of abrasive substance. Further, the chisel-based systems produces a high amount of fly rock that not only results in material damage, but is also a serious safety risk.

Fractum’s impact breakers work with gravity, a principle that minimises the excavator’s vibration to an absolute minimum. This dramatically extends the service life of our breakers, which do not penetrate the material, and saves you money on maintenance and repairs. Eliminating the penetration of material provides a long service life of the hammer tip as well. Due to the design of the Fractum Breaker, the amount of fly rock is minimised, which enhances safety.