Küttner GmbH & Co. KG ordered for its client in Austria not one but two Loesche hot gas generators of type LF 18-L.

The engineering firm Küttner has been a customer of Loesche GmbH for many years and develops turnkey systems for the iron & steel industry and foundries. Furthermore, they supply industry sectors representing energy and environmental engineering and non-ferrous metallurgy. Küttner ordered two hot gas generators of the type LF 18-L for a project of Siemens VAI Metals Technologies Ltd. The hot gas generators are intended for the hot gas production at a coal dry-grinding plant in order to replace the use of expensive coke.

Both hot gas generators have a thermal capacity of approximately 8MW that is deliberate through the combustion of about 6,750 Nm³/h blast-furnace gas.

The multiple lance burner (MLB) especially designed for the stable combustion of low calorific gases was conceptualised by Loesche ThermoProzess GmbH (LTP) with its headquarter in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Since 2012, LTP has been a subsidiary of Loesche GmbH.

For over 100 years Loesche GmbH has been successfully building machines, such as mills, classifiers, hot gas generators, rotary gates etc., and been involved in plant construction around the world. Loesche develops, plans and delivers plant components and complete grinding plants to the cement, iron & steel, power station, industrial mineral, ore and wood industries and for nonferrous metallurgy applications. The first Loesche hot gas generators were developed, built and delivered in 1960, and were available both with and without refractory linings. Which hot gas generator was used depended on the desired outlet temperature for the downstream processes and on the dust content of the process gas to be heated. Since then these hot gas generators have been subject to continuous further development, always represent the latest know-how and conform to the current technical standards. They are characterised by a clean, complete burning process and low emissions. Loesche hot gas generators are ideally suitable for direct drying processes and are used for example in conjunction with grinding plants, drum-type driers, fluidised-bed furnaces/driers, flash driers or spheroidisers.

The delivery for both Loesche hot gas generators, type LF 18-L, for the Linz Steel Coal project is scheduled for September 2013.