JSG Industrial’s relationship with Lincoln lubrication began back in 1968. Within this time both companies have worked very closely together to support and distribute class leading lubrication products and systems to the Australasian marketplace. Starting in November 2012, SKF will be joining this union. From November, JSG will be offering their customers Centralised Lubrication Systems from the SKF range. Targeting key markets of ‘On road’, ‘Off road’, ‘Agricultural equipment’ and ‘Fixed plant’, this range includes the SKF:

  • MonoFlex® (Singe line lubrication)
  • ProFlex® (Progressive lubrication)
  • CircOil® (Circulating oil lubrication, New technology for oil conditioning in fixed plant).

The amalgamation into the SKF world now gives JSG customer’s access to SKF’s and Lincoln’s combined wealth of knowledge. Our customers will have an increased number of high quality products and systems available to them, improving their chances of winning jobs and tenders.

To initiate this introduction JSG will be launching a range of single line, parallel and progressive lubrication systems from SKF, evolving from this acquisition of Vogel in 2004. Within this new offering there will be a range of gear pumps and piston distributors due for release in Mid November 2012.

The MonoFlex® range of gear driven lubrication pumps operate with NLGI 000, 00 grade fluid greases and are best suited for ‘On Road’ and Agricultural equipment’. Available in 12V or 24V the gear pumps operate at a low 50bars (725psi) of pressure. This helps to reduce the price of the pump to the piston distributors and connectors. This competitive price position coupled with the strength of the SKF brand will help our customers compete against their competitors in this market. A range of ProFlex® products will also be available in 24V and using NLGI 2 greases targeting primarily the ‘Off Road’ market. CircOil® is a new technology for oil conditioning on large fixed plant equipment, customised to suit. Cooling, flow control and pumping are all considerations for building the CircOil® system.