Everyone’s welcome to study at CIFA! On October 15, 2013 school started for all operators and aspiring operators of concrete machinery. Thanks to a certified training structure made to meet the needs of sector operators, CIFA now also offers training to people who work with concrete machinery on a daily basis. From pump operator certifications to basic technical training to specific training on new technologies to regulatory and safety updates, the range of training possibilities is up to date and in step with recent innovations in the sector.

And it includes training that focuses on ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations, so that specialized workshop technicians can be trained and guided in procedures and operations for locating malfunctions.

CIFA Academy will offer the most effective mix of theory and practice; course calendars vary depending on the subjects discussed and how deeply they are explored. The theoretical aspects considered in the classroom are always accompanied by practical field tests (with up-to-date, latest generation technologies).

CIFA’s brand new in-house field tests recreate an off-road obstacle course designed to simulate real-life working conditions. Field testing makes it possible to safely perform and perfect any type of maneuver; operators and technicians can safely and directly test start-up, handling, and stabilization of machinery.

All activities are supported by easy-to-consult educational material to help participants understand and remember the problems faced during practical and theoretical lessons. Upon request, ad hoc courses can be organized which are targeted to specific subjects.
CIFA Academy’s mission is to help customers achieve maximum productivity when using concrete machinery, in compliance with safety regulations.

"The concept of safety is an integral part of professional life for our customers. For this reason, CIFA Academy’s goal is to provide in-depth knowledge of the technology and show how to use it to best advantage to prevent machinery shut-downs and reduce maintenance costs, while guaranteeing maximum safety for operators," says Stefano Ferri, the Academy’s director, who adds: "The school is open not only to operators, but also to dealers, workshops, and even CIFA in-house personnel; it’s a school for anyone involved in the world of concrete who needs specific training."

"The decision to include CIFA Academy within a much broader context of services is no coincidence," comments Nicola Pirri, CIFA’s Research and Development Director. "Its location at CIFA headquarters gives users a complete view of the company and the products, and at the same time trainers can take advantage of adjacent structures such as the TEC Research Center, the workshop, the Showroom area, and the multimedia area. Operators will be placed in direct contact with qualified technical personnel from the Research and Development department, which will assist trainers and ensure quality support and top level training."