The new and innovative hybrid tools from Sandvik Mining are the industry’s most versatile cutting tool, providing both smooth cutting efficiency and durability in conditions ranging from soft rock to the harshest of environments.

The new hybrid design offers a blend of the efficient cutting characteristics of Sandvik’s patented cap designs, combined with the durability and long life of an insert style tip. This eliminates the need to stop and change tools when conditions change, to save time and money.

Sandvik hybrid tools are robust, but they feature an optimised profile for speed and productivity. Their unique design offers a tool with an efficient ‘slim’ profile but outlasts larger tools with wide, blunt designs, enabling higher production rates and increased revenue.

The tapered lower portion provides added strength and stability precisely where it is needed, minimising the risk of breakage. This amounts to significantly fewer interruptions for maintenance and, as a result, more time spent producing.

Product line support manager mineral ground tools Mark Salter said: "Our hybrid tips have also been designed with safety in mind, they contribute significantly to improving our customers working conditions.

"This is achieved via our low-energy profile tip that penetrates better and generates less dust. Thanks to the robust design less time is spent changing tools and reducing human exposure to the working face.

"This coupled with increased up-time, higher productivity and the ability to work in a variety of conditions means lower cost per tonne at the end of the day."

The new Sandvik hybrid tools come in a variety of sizes that range from 30mm shank to 43mm for long-wall applications. Hybrid cemented carbide tips include widths from 18mm to 25mm.

Please visit the Sanvik website for more information.