vibe truck

HiSeis has recently purchased four 60,000lb (35t) Vibroseis trucks to meet increasing demands for seismic services to the minerals industry.

"This timely acquisition allows us to provide seismic services for greenfields exploration projects, new mining operations, and mature mines where mine life is an issue," said HiSeis director of new business, Greg Turner.

HiSeis has established itself as the only end-to-end seismic service provider in the Australian mining industry. HiSeis offers de-risking analysis, downhole acoustic profiling, synthetic modelling, data acquisition, data processing and collaborative interpretation services from its highly trained and experience crew.

The technology delivers high-resolution images at depths relevant to mining, as well full crustal thickness surveys down to the Moho.

"This new technology has arrived just when the mining industry is looking for a breakthrough," Turner added.

"We believe this tool will help individual companies to find new ore bodies, extend existing ore bodies, and continue the mining industry’s contribution to Australia’s prosperity."

Visit the company website for information about how HiSeis could help your company.

Image: The new 35t Vibroseis truck. Photo: courtesy of HiSeis.