ABIM Solutions, an Australian-based company providing high quality downhole directional surveying and geophysical logging services to the West Australian mining, exploration and civil construction industries, updates its set of GyroTracer™ equipment to the latest version to continue offering high quality drillhole surveying services to its ever growing satisfied clients.

Abim Solutions has been successfully providing their clients with timely and accurate downhole measurements every time and in every mining and exploration operation for over six years, by utilising the versatile GyroTracer tool. The unrivalled precision and unfailing repeatability of the surveying data generated by this instrument over the years proves it to be a worthy and reliable investment, due to which Abim Solutions has acquired the new version, incorporating the latest innovative advances in technology in the field of North-seeking gyroscopic survey systems.

To meet the growing exacting demands and rapid changes of the mining industry, SPT is constantly investing in research and development, focusing both on new product advancement and on implementing upgrades and improvements to existing tools and software.